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Top Online Nanny Discussion Groups

While working as a nanny can be rewarding on many levels, it can also be isolating. Since nannies typically work unsupervised and don’t have colleagues to talk to or a water cooler to gather around, many nannies turn to online discussion groups to connect and network with other nannies.

Nanny discussion groups provide a forum for nannies, parents and agencies to discuss all things nanny related. While some are exclusive to nannies, others welcome anyone with an interest in nanny care. Many nannies build lasting friendships from the connections they make in online groups. For nannies who attend industry related conferences and events, online nanny groups provide a way for them to stay connected throughout the year.

Some online nanny groups are closed and require approval before joining and others are public and anyone can read the discussion threads. Regardless of if a group is private or public, it’s always wise for nannies engaging in online discussions to keep their comments professional, to avoid speaking negatively about their employers and charges and to respect their work family’s privacy.

Since parents can access many of the online nanny groups, it’s wise to remember that posts shared by nannies can be viewed by potential employers and could positively or negatively affect their job search and current placement.

While some nannies share photos of their charges on online discussion groups, some parents prefer that their nannies refrain from doing so and even include clauses in their nanny’s contract preventing them from doing such.

Online nanny groups offer support, advice and guidance to those who participate. For many nannies, online discussion groups provide a forum for them to share their experiences to others who can relate.

Nanny Island. Nanny Island is a discussion forum that provides an opportunity for nannies to connect. With over 1100 nanny members, Nanny Island bills itself as a beautiful place where nannies can get together with friends and relax. Nannies must sign up for access to the nanny forum. Nanny Island also keeps a current calendar filled with nanny related events.

Worldwide Nannies. Worldwide Nannies is an online nanny group operated on the Yahoo! Groups platform. Founded in 1999, Worldwide Nannies is one of the oldest online nanny groups. With between 800 and 1000 monthly posts, the discussion is lively and helpful. Nannies must request to join the group to gain access to the group.

Nanny Network. The Nanny Network bulletin board has provided a place for nannies and the parents who employ them to network and connect since 1996. While both nannies and parents are invited to view the bulletin board and resister to make posts, nanny job listings and help wanted nanny ads are not allowed.

Nanny Media Watch. On the Nanny Media Watch Facebook page individuals are encouraged to post links to nanny related media. While good press is welcome, posting negative, inaccurate and incorrect content that appears on the web in news stories, articles and on websites and blogs is strongly encouraged. By using the comments section, group members can formulate and share responses to negative media and respond in a meaningful and collaborative way.

Nanny Care Tribe. The Nanny Care Tribe is a gathering place for all those involved in in-home childcare. Nannies, agency owners, parents and others interested in the nanny worlds are welcome to join the closed Facebook group. Members are encouraged to have a supporting and engaging community and to refrain from promoting their products and services. Members also are requested to focus their conversation on the content, rather than the member presenting it.

Nanny Business Network. Created as a LinkedIn group, the Nanny Business Network is a networking group for all those interested in the nanny care industry. This diverse group is made up of nannies, agencies, parents and those who service the in-home childcare industry.  Established in 2008, the Nanny Business Network has over 1000 members who connect to network.

The Nanny Support Group. The Nanny Support Group is a free, moderated group designed to help nannies within the United States and Canada to connect, share information and get advice. Nannies are encouraged to discuss all aspects of being a nanny, but personal posting email addresses and phone numbers is not allowed.

Nanny Job Seekers. Nanny Job Seekers is a closed Facebook group for nannies only. Agencies and those who wish to recruit nannies are not allowed to join the group. The groups focus is supporting nannies who are currently seeking new nanny positions by sharing advice and ideas for selling yourself to potential employers.