Top Nanny Sites and Resources

Top 100 Nanny Websites

Years ago, the only reliable way to find a reputable and trustworthy caregiver was by seeking recommendations from friends and relatives. All of that has changed with the Internet. These days, more people go online to find high-quality caregivers than ever. Whether you need a caregiver for an infant, a child, an elderly loved one or a pet, the following list will make your search easier.

Top 20 Nanny Websites

There are dozens of great nanny directories and websites out there. Here are 20 of the best ones.

  1. eNannySource – Plug in your zip code and a few additional details to get a list of qualified nannies in your area.
  2. Sittercity – You can find nannies in your area and check your references with this service.
  3. – This site connects parents with high-quality nannies.
  4. – Connect with nanny agencies to find the right caregiver for your children.
  5. – Several packages are available and make it easy and affordable to find a nanny.
  6. Nanny Network – Through this site, you can connect with nanny agencies and referral companies.
  7. College Nannies – Choose from on-call nannies, full-time nannies and other options through this service.
  8. – Subdirectories for major metropolitan areas make it easy to find qualified nannies.
  9. Sitter Compare – In addition to connecting parents to nannies, this site offers advice and other resources.
  10. – Parents can find nannies and nannies can find jobs on this site.
  11. Go Nannies – Several different memberships are available through this comprehensive nanny directory site.
  12. Nanny Connections – You can locate nannies, mother’s helpers and home managers through Nanny Connections.
  13. Nanny Poppinz – This nanny directory is completely free.
  14. Nanny Classifieds – You can search for nannies or post ads for nannies using this website.
  15. Nanny Agency – You can avoid pricey agency fees by giving this nanny website a try.
  16. – Sort through applications, browse profiles and post jobs on this site.
  17. Online Nanny – Finding the right nanny is as easy as one, two, three with this site.
  18. Nanny to You – This site features blogs, articles and a full directory.
  19. Find a Nanny – This site provides risk-free trials.
  20. Night Nannies for Newborns – Get some much-needed shuteye by trying Night Nannies for Newborns.

Top 20 Au Pair Websites

It’s easy to find the right au pair when you put one of these sites to use.

  1. GreatAuPair – Pre-screened profiles and background checks for au pairs are offered on this site.
  2. – Search for au pairs in America, Europe and Australia.
  3. Au Pair in America – This site touts itself as the first legal au pair service in America.
  4. – You can locate au pairs around the world through this online directory.
  5. FindAuPair – Click through a few simple drop-down menus to find high-quality au pairs around the world.
  6. Au Pair USA – Find live-in childcare for less by using this website.
  7. Go Au Pair – This online au pair agency makes it quick and easy to find quality childcare.
  8. Au Pair Connect – Free registration makes this service a worthwhile option to consider.
  9. – You can connect with more than 25,000 au pairs from around the world through this service.
  10. Au Pair Clearinghouse – This site compares and reviews various au pair agencies.
  11. – A wealth of resources and a comprehensive directory are available on this site.
  12. Au Pair Online – Families and au pairs create profiles and connect with one another through this online service.
  13. – A site where you can find au pairs from around the world.
  14. Au Pair Search – Simple site for finding au pairs.
  15. Smart Au Pairs – A service for British families that need au pairs.
  16. Almondbury Care International – This site isn’t automated, so more precise matches are available.
  17. Au Pair Options – Features hundreds of au pair listings.
  18. Universal Au Pairs – Au pairs from the UK and Ireland.
  19. Join a Family – A personalized service that matches families with au pairs.
  20. Finding Au Pairs – Simple, streamlined service for locating qualified au pairs.

Top 20 Babysitting Websites

Whether you’re looking for a babysitter or are a babysitter looking for work, these sites should prove to be quite helpful.

  1. – Find the right babysitter quickly.
  2. – Input your zip code and select the right babysitter.
  3. – Basic babysitter directory. Free to use.
  4. Babysitters – Extensive directory of babysitters around the United States.
  5. – Find a babysitter or let babysitters find you.
  6. Babysitters’ Guild – Find a babysitter through this babysitting agency.
  7. – You can find babysitters and other caregivers through this site.
  8. Sunshine Babysitting – Childcare services for the state of Florida.
  9. VIP Babysitting Solutions – Babysitter directory.
  10. – Locate babysitters for a nominal fee.
  11. Best Babysitter Services – Reviews of various babysitting services.
  12. Babysitting World – Site that posts reviews about babysitters.
  13. – Enter your location to find a nearby babysitter.
  14. Find a Babysitter – Advice about finding the right babysitter.
  15. Super Babysitting – Provides training and information on being a babysitter.
  16. Babysitter Advice – A resource for parents that need advice about finding babysitters.
  17. Parenting Squad – This site features several resources for finding high-quality caregivers for children.
  18. Babysitter Classifieds – Place ads or browse ads for babysitters in your area.
  19. Babysitting Guide – Comprehensive information about babysitting.

Top 20 Senior Care Websites

Use these sites to find trustworthy senior care services.

  1. Senior Care Directory – Locate senior care services in your area.
  2. Seniors A2ZM – Nationwide senior care directory.
  3. – Click on your state to browse listings for senior care.
  4. MySeniorCare – Look for senior housing, hospices and home care services on this site.
  5. Elder Care Directory – Advice and resources about elder care.
  6. – Provides ratings and reviews about senior care services.
  7. Born to Age</> – California-based senior care directory.
  8. Kiplinger Senior Care Directory – Targeted searches for quality senior care.
  9. – Includes many senior care resources.
  10. Senior Care – Senior care services for veterans.
  11. Call Senior Care – Online community that includes senior care directories.
  12. Assisted Living Directory – Find assisted living facilities in your state.
  13. Sittercity Senior Care – Easy-to-use senior care directory.
  14. – Resource for locating quality senior care services.
  15. Carefree Home Care – Track down senior home care services in your area.
  16. Our Parents – Makes it easy to find senior care options.
  17. – Submit a form to learn more about local adult daycare programs.
  18. Senior Comfort Guide – Directory of senior care facilities.
  19. – Find senior care facilities and senior services providers.
  20. – In-depth information about assisted living options.

Top 20 Pet Care and Pet Sitting Websites

While you’d probably like to be there for your pet at all times, it isn’t always possible. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, finding reputable pet care services is critical. To keep your furry friend as safe and healthy as possible, put the following sites to work for you.

  1. My Pet Care Directory – Locate top-notch pet care services in your area.
  2. – A site where you can post ads to find pet sitters or browse ads that have been posted by pet sitters.
  3. PetSitUSA – Search for dog day cares, dog walkers and other pet care providers.
  4. The Pet Sitting Directory – Browse by state to find a pet sitter near you.
  5. Veterinarian Pet Care – Locate veterinarians and other pet care professionals through this directory.
  6. Professional United Pet Sitters LLC – Start your own pet care business or find one in your area.
  7. The Pets Directory – Extensive array of pet-related services.
  8. The Pet Sitter Directory – Submit your own listing or search profiles for a local pet sitter.
  9. Find Pet Care – Browse listings for hotels for pets, dog day cares, cat boarding kennels and more.
  10. Pet Sitter’s Center – A resource for people who are interested in starting their own pet sitting businesses. Includes valuable links for pet owners as well.
  11. Find Me Pet Care – Just enter your zip code to conduct a search for pet care services in your neck of the woods.
  12. Pet Sitter America – Easy-to-use directory for pet sitting services.
  13. – Bills itself as the number-one pet sitting directory on the Internet.
  14. Pet Gigs – Look for pet sitting jobs or locate pet sitters on this site.
  15. Dog Work – Track down qualified local dog sitters.
  16. – This directory features everything from pet sitters to pet food stores.
  17. Find a Pet Sitting Service – Just click on the map to find local pet sitting providers.
  18. Pet Sitters – One of the largest online directories of pet sitters.
  19. – Find a person to walk your dog.
  20. The Pet Staff – Pet sitting and pet care services for people who live in California.