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Top 10 Resource Websites for Nannies of Toddlers

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toddlernannyNannying a toddler is a unique experience; these mini-people trapped in tiny bodies can be a challenge! However, with the tips from these resource sites, you can navigate the tricky waters of toddlerhood with a smile:

Mayo Clinic: This respected medical site gives the lowdown on water and seasonal safety issues to monitor, offers tips on managing toddler behavior and shares a host of health-related advice articles for those spending their time with the short set.

Honest Toddler: This site is pure fun, and the posts? So, so true. If you had a long day with the little one in your life, come here for a well-earned smile (or guffaw) and some insight into the inner-workings of the toddler mind. Just be aware, dipping into this site narrated by a hilarious and often single-minded toddler can be just as distracting as the real thing.

Green Child: If your charge’s family follows a strict green or organic lifestyle and the finer points of natural vs organic vs vegan escape you, this site will offer info and ideas on toddler-friendly things to do and foods to prepare that fit within the family philosophy.

Parenting: This recognized parenting bible has a wealth of practical information nannies can use to make their lives with toddlers easier, from turning your picky eater into a foodie to managing sibling rivalry to toddler development issues.

ToddlerToddler: This toddler activity site offers an entire section on Rainy Day activities that can keep you sane when there’s no park or outside options for running off all that toddler energy. Another section devoted to Young Toddlers is ideal for little ones with shorter attention spans or who struggle with motor skills.

National Geographic Little Kids: Need distraction and a surefire way to avoid your little charge handling all the tempting, germ-laden toys at the doctor’s office while you wait for an appointment? This site offers cute animal pictures and videos with interesting facts broken down into toddler-size bites. Even anti-TV parents won’t find issue with this nature-loving site! An added bonus? Older siblings will like the zoological games on the main Kids’ site.

Toddler Approved: If you’re striking out with your usual arsenal of fun toddler activities but don’t want to go through the expense and production of heading out for supplies, this site is filled with arts, crafts, games and things to do with everyday items you can find around your family’s house.

Babble: This site, now courtesy of Disney, offers articles and essays on every sort of lifestyle issue you can imagine and how it relates to life with kids. This particularly interesting piece focuses on interview questions for nannies of toddlers, which can be enlightening and a great way for those seeking new positions to prepare for interviews.

Wholesome Toddler Food: This offshoot of the popular “Wholesome Baby Food” site breaks down toddler nutritional needs and offers recipes and ideas for snacks and meals that will actually get eaten instead of casually tossed under the table.

Parents: This well-known magazine site offers an informative Q&A on toddler sleep issues that can be helpful for nannies trying to set up a nap schedule. Another Toddler Sleep Makeover piece on the site offers slumber advice based on the toddler’s personality.


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