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Rude Things People Say to Parents and the Best Responses to Go with Them

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Unfortunately, when it comes to having a personal filter, many people don’t have one installed. Here are some of the rudest comments strangers make to parents in public, as well as their rudeness factor and the best responses to go with them.

Comment #1: “Aww, he must be overtired…or hungry…or hot….or cold…”

Rudeness Factor: 7

It’s always fun when an outsider pretends to have insider information. While this comment may not be intended to imply you must not realize what’s wrong with your child, it certainly does.

Best Response: “Oh good call. Let me make an adjustment, one sec” as you reach for your keychain and push your car remote buttons to mimic turning him off, on, up or down.


Comment #2: “Boy, you have your hands full.”

Rudeness Factor: 8

Since this comment usually comes when you’re standing in line at the grocery checkout, pushing a stroller with one hand and balancing a baby on one hip, the observation is a gross understatement. However, the commenter isn’t being literal. She’s really referring to your ability to handle your child’s behavior, especially when in public.

Best Response: “Why bless your heart. My hands may be full…. but my heart is too” with a wide open and obnoxiously fake smile.


Comment #3: “Wait until she gets older.”

Rudeness Factor: 6

While it’s likely meant to be a backhanded statement of encouragement, this comment’s translation is “This is nothing compared to what you’re in for.” This one gets a lower rudeness factor, however, since it likely is spewed from the commenter’s own experiences and the intent was truly to inform you of how your future will unfold.

Best Response: “I’m not sure if I’ll make it that long. Can I have your contact information so I can send her to you, in case I don’t? Your comment makes me believe you’re experienced in training this kind” delivered with an intensity you’ve only seen in the characters in your favorite horror flick.


Comment #4: “We never did that when our kids were young.”

Rudeness Factor: 8

What this commenter is really getting at is that you’re doing it all wrong. And all of the world’s current problems are because of parents like you, of course. Period. End of explanation.

Best Response: “Wow, that explains a lot” issued with a pensive look and persistent stare.


Comment #5: “Is she yours?”

Rudeness Factor: 9

This almost takes the cake. Whether it’s said because the commenter suspects you’ve adopted, that you  are the caregiver or that you won’t admit to having a wild child of your own, saying so is as almost as rude as you can get.

Best Response: “I’m still deciding if I will keep her. I have until noon tomorrow to let them know. What do you think?” said with genuine curiosity.


Comment #6: “Are you sure that’s safe?”

Rudeness Factor: 9

Clearly this commenter doesn’t think that what you’re doing is safe and believes you have bad judgment. “You’re a bad parent” is the literal translation of this commenter’s comment.

Best Response: “It’s definitely safer than the last thing we tried” said nonchalantly while avoiding eye contact.


Comment #7: “Be happy with what you have.”

Rudeness Factor: 10

Whether it’s spouted off because she sees you have one of each, a perfect pair or that she thinks the children you have are simply enough, this comment tops the cake. What she’s really getting at here is “You really shouldn’t have any more children.”

Best Response: “We are all very happy to have each other” said with conviction because it’s true.


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