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30 Blogs with Tips to Actually Cut Your Grocery Bill

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After a drought in the Midwest and steadily increasing fuel prices, more American families are finding themselves experiencing severe sticker shock when they shop for groceries. Feeding your family on a tight budget, especially when money doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to, can be a frustrating and even downright frightening proposition. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips and hints for saving money on groceries that can be found across the Internet as savings-savvy bloggers share advice with their readers. These 30 blogs are positively packed with practical, real-life solutions for cutting costs at the market without emptying your pantry.

Using Coupons

While shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing make clipping coupons to save money seem like a full-time job, more casual couponers can still rack up serious savings without dedicating their lives to scouring the Sunday Paper and stuffing binders with printed offers found online. These five blogs are dedicated to the art of couponing, with tips for couponers of the average and extreme variety.

Choosing Generics

There are times when choosing a national brand is more cost-effective, but shoppers may find that the generic or store brands of their favorite products are just as satisfying without draining the bank account. These five blog entries offer advice for how to choose generic brands with success, and which generic items to avoid.

Cheap Family Dinner Recipes

One way to rack up real savings at the grocery store is to slash your expenses for ingredients used in family dinners. These five blog entries feature great-tasting recipes for meals that won’t leave you aghast when you reach the register.

Curbing Wasteful Spending

Between spending too much money on food items and eventually letting those items go to waste, there are several ways that you may be throwing money away at the grocery store without even realizing it. The tips, hints and advice from these five bloggers will help you learn how to make the most of your grocery budget, and how to stop tossing out foods that you’ve spent your hard-earned money on.

Buying in Bulk

If you know how to properly manage your bulk food purchases and can store them in a way that prevents spoilage or waste, you can save big bucks by buying on a larger scale. The pointers in these five blog entries will help you get started and also prevent the loss of those items due to improper storage.

General Money-Saving Tips

Sometimes you need very specific advice in relation to cutting family food costs. Other times, however, all you really need are a few general ideas for saving money and stretching a dollar as far as possible with every trip to the store. The hints and tips in these five blog entries are tailored around the idea of saving money at the grocery store with a varied approach, pulling a bit from several frugal disciplines to make a cohesive plan.

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