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25 Blogs with Surprising Facts About Fast Food

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fastfoodFast food, by its very nature, is simple, quick and usually considered unhealthy. However, you may be surprised to find that in many instances, fast food is none of those things. From the humble hot dog to the loaded burger brimming with toppings and cheese, there are thousands of interesting facts about fast food that most people don’t know. Some of these facts could save your life, but failing that, they will at least give you something to think about the next time you’re chowing down on a meal-deal. Whether you’re a fast food enthusiast or prefer a home-cooked meal, these 25 blogs contain facts that are sure to surprise you.

Mind Blowing Fast Food Facts

The things that people don’t know about fast food are often mind blowing, to say the least. These facts may stop you from eating fast food, or they may encourage you to eat more. Regardless, you will definitely go away after reading these five blogs with a better understanding of the fast food industry. So pull up a chair, tuck in your napkin and dig into these mind blowing fast food facts.

Food Favorites

Have you ever wondered where your favorite fast food joint ranks against the competition? Well now you can find out, and the results might just surprise you. The fast food industry is a global giant, so there’s a good chance that you may not have even heard of some of the top contenders. At the very least, though, these interesting fast food facts could help broaden your horizons. For all the top fast food chains vying for your attention, check out these five blogs.

Fast Food vs. Healthy

There is a common belief that fast food is always the unhealthy choice. However, have you ever really compared the nutritional value of fast food to that of home cooked meals? In an increasingly health conscious society, fast food chains are fighting back against the perception of serving only unhealthy food. In some instances, fast food chains are even out-performing their allegedly healthier counterparts. To see how your favorite chain measures up in healthy, nutritious options, browse through these five blogs.

Fun Fast Food

Fast food is typically marketed towards a younger consumer, so it’s no surprise that fun is always on the menu. Kids will always opt for the chain that is in partnership with the latest big budget kids’ movie, for instance. It’s a great marketing strategy and works especially well for the big hitters in the industry. However, there are also lots of fun facts about fast food, which you can share with friends the next time you visit a restaurant together. For a list of fun facts on fast food that you never wanted to know, have a look at the entries in these five blogs.

Record Fast Food

Some people just can’t get enough of fast food; it’s like they’re trying to break a record or something. If you are interested in becoming a world record holder in the gluttony category, you would do well to check out some of the competition first. Be warned, however, that you will probably never look at a bagged burger in the same way again once you hit the 20,000 mark. These five blogs explore some of the lengths that people will go to for a free meal or three.


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