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100 Websites that Make Learning Fun

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comutergamesLearning new things doesn’t have to be a chore; in fact, by employing the right tactics your kids can actually have quite a bit of fun while they learn. Take a look at these 100 websites that are filled with games specifically designed to help your child enjoy learning, no matter what age he is.


Developmentally, preschoolers are learning shapes, colors, letters, letter sounds and simple math. The 25 sites listed here will make it fun for your child to learn and practice these concepts.

  • Starfall. Using games, pictures and verbal clues, your child can learn the alphabet, what sound each letter makes and how to read.
  • PBS Kids. Games based on your child’s favorite PBS cartoon are available on this site and will help your child learn to read.
  • Fisher Price. Your child can learn shapes, letters, colors, numbers and more with the entertaining games found here.
  • Fun Brain. This site is full of math games, reading games and games that are just for fun.
  • Cookie. Creative ways to learn colors, numbers, letters and more are included to keep your kids learning and laughing.
  • Scholastic. Letter matching, sound matching and beginner reading are all available on this trusted site.
  • Disney Junior. These entertaining games feature some of your child’s favorite cartoon characters, and he won’t even realize that he’s learning to use strategy and problem solving while playing them.
  • Sheppard Software. This creative website contains games that will teach your child about various types of animals and where they live.
  • Jayzee Bear. Your child can work on memory skills or learn letters and numbers by playing one of the many games offered here.
  • Nick Jr. Encourage your child to play these games to learn how to use the mouse on the computer and other developmentally important skills.
  • Poisson Rouge. Let your child learn by exploring the rooms of the castle and clicking on various items to determine what each item is.
  • Kneebouncers. Number recognition, colors, shapes and even sight words are available for young learners. Try this site for free for the first month.
  • Learning Games for Kids. Encourage your child to be creative and learn more about colors by playing the color mixing game.
  • Sprout Online. Play the search and find game throughout carrot castle and have the kids work on abstract thinking and shape recognition.
  • A Kid’s Heart. Color sorting and shape work can be done on this website.
  • Meddy Bemps. Your child can work on spacial awareness, matching and more with the help of this site.
  • Bob the Builder. Children can learn about construction equipment and virtually build projects with Bob and the other machines.
  • Kids Psych. This site has learning games that are appropriate for kids ages 1 to 9.
  • NGA. Let the kids learn about art and explore making their own abstract artwork online using this activity on National Gallery of Art.
  • Seusseville. Young children can learn cause and effect by playing the balancing game or one of the other entertaining games on this site.
  • Webkinz. The game on this site teaches typing, spelling, color matching and more.
  • Jumpstart. Stories can be read aloud while allowing the child to follow along with the words to introduce the concept of reading left to right.
  • Up to Ten. Work on coordination, puzzles and spotting differences with this online game.
  • Sesame Street. Let your child work on virtual life skills, colors, matching and much more on this preschool site.
  • CBeebies. Your child can watch animated stories starring letter blocks and learn what sound each letter makes and how letters can be combined to make words.


Letters, sight words, simple science and math concepts, and writing are all introduced when children enter kindergarten. To help reinforce those concepts, check out the games on these 25 sites.

  • Encyclopedia Interactica. Let your child learn by exploring various instruments, math facts and more when he clicks through the tiles on this site.
  • Enchanted Learning. This site provides sheets for practicing writing letters along with other picture worksheets.
  • Switcheroo Zoo. Let your child take a tour of the zoo and create his own imaginative animals by combining the head of one animal with the tail and legs of others.
  • Kinderweb. Your child can learn how to tell time, match colors and work with letters on this useful site.
  • Primary Games. Counting games and sorting games for your kindergartner are available here.  
  • BBC. Encourage your early reader to listen and sound out words by playing the blender game.
  • Learning Planet. Using this site, your child can put letters in order, work on number recognition and much more.
  • Kindersite. Your child can take the baby animals off of a train and put them in their correct spot by matching up lower case letters to their upper case partners.
  • I Know That. Kids can learn skip counting, addition and subtraction and much more on this useful website.
  • British Council. Play games with upper and lower case letters to become familiar with the letters quickly.
  • Professor Garfield. Collect eggs by matching up starting sounds using pictures. This game works well for kids who are not yet reading.
  • ICT Games. Early readers can work on starting sounds by playing this conveyor belt game.
  • Get Ready to Read. By playing along with a funny character your child can work on rhyming, beginning sounds and reading.
  • Between the Lions. Early readers can work on matching words and pictures by using verbal cues.
  • Read Think Write. Games are available to help your child work on beginning sounds and short and long vowel sounds.
  • Prongo. Beginning math problems that increase in difficulty are available on this baseball game.
  • The Kidz Page. Younger children can work on matching shapes, puzzles and more.
  • Literacy Center. Your child can work on upper and lower case letter recognition, number recognition and shapes here.
  • Knowledge Adventure. Learn to manipulate the keys on the keyboard to play this game.
  • Turtle Diary. You’ll find a unique approach to subtraction on this site.
  • Pauly’s Playhouse. Practice memory and colors by playing Kitty Quartet or one of the many other games on this site.
  • ABC. Match picture halves to complete the scene and work on basic math concepts.
  • Mr. Nussbaum. Your kindergartener can learn how to identify money, order numbers and figure out measurements on this site, along with much more.
  • ABC Mouse. Try a free trial for 30 days on this online curriculum for preschool and kindergarten.
  • Brain Pop Jr. Encourage your child to make new words by changing just the first letter of a word in the Chain game.


There’s a lot of change and growth in elementary school, and kids begin to learn increasingly difficult subjects. These 25 sites cover the lessons learned throughout the elementary years.

  • Wonderopolis. Challenge your child to think scientifically when trying to answer some of the questions on this website.
  • ABC Ya. This site has games for kindergarten through 5th grade, so your child can use it for years.
  • Highlights Kids. Unscramble letters to make words, search pictures to find differences and read stories on this clever site.
  • Fun Brain. Try out the math games on this site to make learning your child’s math facts a little more fun.
  • Qubo. Practice word recognition while doing timed word searches and play a variety of other learning games.
  • TVO Kids. Instead of just telling your child about Internet safety, let him interact with Kid Cursor to learn about the web and how to stay safe online.
  • Try Science. Encourage your child to try some of these science experiments online, then do them offline to see how they work in real life.
  • Whyville. Create your own power plant and complete activities to make virtual money so you can continue to build the power plant with this game.
  • E-Learning for Kids. This site covers everything from math games to English language skills.
  • Disney Playdom. Travel through time and find the items that don’t belong in that time frame to prevent problems in history.
  • Spelling City. This spelling and vocabulary game website can help your child work on words from their own school by entering them into the game.
  • Fuel the Brain. Your elementary student can practice math and literacy concepts on this site.
  • Free Rice. Vocabulary practice for your child for future test taking and literacy is entertaining with the help of Free Rice.
  • Smarty Games. Your student can brush up on his money skills, complete a dot-to-dot, find his way through a maze and work on his memory on this site.
  • KWarp. If your child needs some practice on parts of speech, this may be a fun site for him.
  • Spell Zone. Check out the free trial available on this spelling site.
  • A Plus Math. If you want to start going over money with your elementary student, the flash cards on this site are perfect to practice with.
  • Cool Cosmos. Learn about animals in a new way by checking out infrared pictures of them.
  • National Aquarium. If you can’t go to the aquarium in person, take a virtual tour through it using this website instead.
  • Mission US. Discover more about American history by playing For Crown or Colony?
  • iCivics. Play a game where you can learn about passing laws, branches of government and much more.
  • Math-Play. Practice your math in order to move forward in your soccer game.
  • Game Classroom. This cube game will give your child an advantage when it comes to test taking because it’s practices the visualization of 3D objects.
  • Light Up Your Brain. If you think your child has an extensive vocabulary, have him try this challenging game.
  • Multiplication. Work on math facts while playing this fishy pet store game online. Many other games are available too.

Middle School

The 25 sites on this list are geared to help your middle schooler through the more advanced, thought-provoking subjects.

  • Kids National Geographic. Learn about world geography and animals on this site.
  • Kiddy House. Kids can go online and learn about reptiles and amphibians in detail here.
  • Dance Mat Typing. The more kids use the computer the better they will get with using a keyboard. This site will help improve typing skills.
  • Ixl. Your middle schooler can practice math skills from 6th grade math all the way to Algebra and Geometry.
  • Cool Math. Advanced students can practice math problems all the way up to calculus here.
  • Make Me a Genius. Watch videos on global warming, learn about the nervous system, and cover other scientific topics here.
  • How Stuff Works. If your middle schooler loves to learn how things work, this is the site for him.
  • Pottermore. Delve deeper into the Harry Potter series and read more about Harry Potter while improving literary analysis skills.
  • Learn 4 Good. Using some trial and error and logic you can switch the train track tiles around to get the train through the maze without causing it to derail.
  • Math Chimp. Play Hungry Puppies to work on decimals or figure out the variable and shoot for points on Hoop Shot.
  • 50 States. Learn and practice the states and their capitals by using the tools on this site.
  • The Great Martini Company. Get some practice on your algebraic equations here.
  • Math Playground. Are word-problems giving you trouble? Try some pressure-free practice on this website.
  • Math Cats. This site has more word-problem practice, as well as funny pictures that will make you laugh while you are trying to solve the problems.
  • Go Geometry. Practice geometry here with colorful pictures and complete explanations.
  • Nobel Prize. You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner to play the blood typing game on this unique site.
  • Power My Learning. Work on your 8th grade grammar or study the stars and planets on this educational site.
  • Kongregate. This game teaches older students cause and effect, which allows them to think more creatively when solving problems.
  • Physics Games. Learn physics concepts by playing these games of balance and bridge building.
  • Space Place NASA. Put your creativity to work and figure out how to make clean energy or build a space station in these games.
  • TV 411. Learn how using prefixes can change words with these games.
  • Academics. Race against other kids from around the country by answering algebraic equations and making your otter swim faster than the others.
  • A Plus Gamer. Try some logic problems or work on your math and English by playing these games.
  • Neo K12. Quiz games, puzzles and funny videos will make learning fun for Science, History, Math, English and Geography.
  • Math Snacks. This site was developed by educators to present math concepts in an entertaining and different way to entice those students that don’t really like math.

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