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100 of the Best Blogs to Read When Relocating for Work

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relocatingSo, you’ve decided to change jobs and your new job isn’t within commuting distance. On top of starting a new position, you’re also about to have to relocate to a new place. Relocating for a job comes with a host of different considerations, and we’ve covered as many of them as possible in this compilation of 100 different blog posts. You’ll find everything you need to know about handling money matters, selling your home, dealing with family stress and more.

Money Matters

Relocating for work can end up costing you a pretty penny if it’s not done right. Before you take on the financial burden of relocating by yourself, talk with your employer about a possible relocation package. Not sure where to start? Read these 10 blogs, which cover negotiating a relocation package, saving money while moving and selling your house.

  • Baby Center. Read tips on selling your house when you have kids in this post.
  • Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. There’s a certain amount of house prepping that goes into selling a home. This article will help you determine what color you should paint the interior if you’re trying to make a quick sale.
  • MS Office Guru. Take a look at this salary comparison sheet to see if you will be making enough in your new job to warrant relocating your whole family.
  • Graphs. Learn how to save money on moving expenses.
  • AAT. Read this post to find tips on negotiating your benefits and salary so you know that you will be getting a better deal when you relocate.
  • Idealist Careers. Once you get the job offer, use these tips to find out how to negotiate for other company perks.
  • Realtor. If you’re in need of temporary housing, read through the helpful tips on this post to find out what to do.
  • Cozby & Company. It’s important to make sure that the cost of living at the location you are considering is commensurate with the salary you are being offered. Use this cost of living calculator to figure it out.
  • Kansas Treasurer. Keep in mind that if you relocate for work you can deduct your moving expenses. Take a look at this blog site to figure out what is deductible and what isn’t.
  • Money-Zine. Before relocating educate yourself on all of the costs involved so that you can try to negotiate a relocation package with your new employer.

Family Stress

Moving ranks up there as one of the most stressful life events, right along with a birth and a death in the family. If you’re kids are less than pleased that you’ll be moving, try to find ways to get them excited about what they’re gaining in the move instead of what they’re losing. These 10 blog posts touch on the emotional stress of moving and guide you through helping your family members, even the four legged kind, deal with the upcoming move.

  • Trulia. When your family is considering a move it’s important to find a home in a desirable school district. Read this article about finding the right school to ease the stress on the kids.
  • The Adventures of Erica. It’s important to consider the stress moving places on your kids as well as the struggles of finding a good school to enroll them in when you relocate.
  • Stream Articles. Hiring a realtor in the city you are relocating to can help reduce the stress of moving since she can help determine where the good schools are and what neighborhoods are close to where you will work.
  • Women Speak. Read these tips for making the move less stressful for your family.
  • Pawcurious. Pets are members of the family too and suffer from relocation stress just like humans. Read these tips on moving with a pet to help reduce that stress.
  • Painter Mommy Dawn. It’s important to involve the children in the moving process and try to remain positive throughout.
  • i Contemplate. Packing can be a long, stressful process, so you should start as soon as possible.
  • Corporate Housing Associates. Discuss the move with your family to make sure that everyone is on board and prepared for the move.
  • Beating Anger. Try to keep to a routine as much as you can and try not to miss things. Keeping things as normal as possible will help keep everyone’s temper in check.
  • The Minimalist Mom. Reduce the amount of stuff you have by decluttering, donating or selling stuff you don’t need or want before the move.

Apps to Make Moving Simpler

If you don’t have a smartphone you may want to get one after you see the useful apps that can help you with your move! There are apps that will help you keep track of phone numbers, appointment times, moving checklists and even one that will help you estimate the size of the moving truck you’ll need to move your things. Check out the options in these 10 blogs.

  • SLee and Topher. These two free apps will help you stay organized and stress-free during your move.
  • Tech PT Blog. Find four apps on this post that will help you do everything from making lists to mapping out the best way to get to your new place.
  • Tech Sling. Check out these four apps to make your next move smoother.
  • Android Apps Review. These five apps work on Android devices and help you estimate what size moving truck you will need, provide an inspections list and even help you find rental property in your new location.
  • NY International Shipping. Try out the Moving Guru, which gives you packing tips, checklists, videos, calendar reminders and more.
  • Home Finder. These 10 apps can help you through the moving process from beginning to end. One app even prints bar codes so you can scan a box and know what’s in it without even opening it!
  • Local Big Wig. This blog explores three apps that will help you move, including the Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App, which allows you to catalog your possessions.
  • Information Space. The apps listed on this blog will let you check the weather, locate where to buy cheap gas, get directions to your new home and find the best places to eat along the way.
  • Meathead Movers. This blog posts useful apps like Turbo Scan that help you scan in receipts and other documents that you will need when tax time comes.
  • Sell Cell. Find a babysitter in your new city, locate a realtor and calculate a new mortgage payment based on the loan value and more using these apps.

Organizational Tips for the Move

When you’re preparing to move you’ll need to make lists, gather important documents, arrange for movers if you are using them and so much more. Needless to say, the process is stressful. One way to reduce that stress is to stay organized throughout the move. These 10 blog articles are full of ideas on how to stay organized.

  • Organized Home. Create a notebook or binder to keep track of everything related to the move where you can keep important business cards, phone numbers, deadlines and other dates and times.
  • Kuzak’s Closet. Label every box with the room it goes in and what’s in it to stay organized.
  • The Allstate Blog. Use the printables on this blog to plan your move and stay organized while preparing for your move.
  • Walsh Moving and Storage. Start purging the items you don’t need before you pack.
  • First Team. Make a To Do list for the family so everyone knows what needs to be done.
  • Moving Gal. Try to sort and pack as much stuff as you can early on so that you don’t have as much to do when the move gets close. 
  • Real Simple. Create a binder that will hold everything from the kids’ school records to an inventory of all of the items you are going to move.
  • Relocate. Pack one room at a time and use special labels or numbers for each box so that you know what’s in the boxes and where they go.
  • Unclutterer. Color-code your boxes so that you know where each one goes and what they contain.
  • Org Junkie. Create a packing schedule to streamline the process.

Finding Doctors in Your New City

Finding a doctor in your new city may sound like something that you can do after you arrive, but if you have any medical conditions you may want to handle this before you leave. Make sure you get a copy of your medical records to take to your new doctor. Your current doctor may even be able to recommend someone in your new city. These 10 sites can help you narrow down your search for doctors, pediatricians, dentists, eye doctors and specialists by area.

  • Find Good Movers. Let your doctors know that you will be moving and see if they can give you a recommendation for a doctor in your new area.
  • Mountain Star Medical Group. Use this list of questions when interviewing doctors in your new location.
  • Activebeat. Here you’ll find a list of things to consider when deciding on a pediatrician in your new city.
  • eHealth Insurance. Ask yourself these questions before you pick a new pediatrician.
  • New York. Read this interview with a local pediatrician that suggests polling a dozen or so people at your local park to find where they take their kids.
  • The Condition Health Blog. This article will give you some ideas on how to find a pediatric dentist in your community.
  • Christian Conservative Politics. According to this article, you can tell a lot about a dentist just by looking around the waiting room. Learn what to look for and what to ask when trying to find a new dentist.
  • Moving Guru. Learn how to find a new doctor for your family by reading the tips given in this article.
  • American Optometric Association. Enter in your location on this site to pull up a list of possible eye doctors in your new city.
  • Healthgrades. If you are in need of a specialist, you can compile a list of doctors by specialty and then by location using this site.

Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling your house is no small feat, and can ruffle even the calmest of people. You will need to look at your home with fresh eyes before putting it on the market to locate any repairs or changes you need to make. You may even want to consult a home stager if you will not be able to leave some furniture in the home to help sell it. These 10 blogs share tips for getting your home ready for a quick sale.

  • Search Philly Listing. Learn some Feng Shui skills for selling your home quickly and simply by reading this article.
  • Seattle Pi. Price your house lower than the appraised value to capture the attention of buyers and to potentially start a bidding war that drives the price higher.
  • BS Realty. Fix things that you’ve been putting off doing, because prospective buyers will notice everything.
  • Ebby Blog. Make sure the house is well lit, especially in the winter.
  • HGTV Blog. You can sell your house on your own if you want, but it’s going to take some work, as explained on this post.
  • Barton-Wyatt Blog. Hide a diffuser or two around the home so that your home smells fresh.
  • Decorology. Use trends that fit the style of your house and try not to make your house into something that it’s not.
  • Zillow. You may benefit from using a stager when selling your home. Look through the different levels of help that a stager can offer in this article.
  • Realty Times. Take a look at your curtains and see if they need replaced. According to this article, this is a big part of staging your home for a quick sale.
  • Mickey Knows Philly. Several things will help stage your home properly, but color is key. Neutral colors are something that everyone can live with, unlike bright colors that may be owner specific.

Finding a New School

If you have school-aged children you’ll need to locate a good school district to enroll them. Do your research ahead of time to help narrow down the area you want to live in. Many times you have more than one option when it comes to schools, and now your child can even attend school online at home. Read these 10 articles to educate yourself on what you should be looking for in a new school.

  • National Center for Education Statistics. You can use this site to learn more about potential schools in the area.
  • For Sale by Owner. When considering a school you will want to take a tour of the school and talk to other parents if you can.
  • School Family. You will never find a school exactly like the one your kids have been attending, but you can try to find one that excels in the areas that your child is interested in.
  • Great Schools. This site will allow you to pull up almost any school, from elementary to high school, and read the reviews and check the ratings.
  • My Moving Reviews. Check out this story to learn whether it’s better for your kids to move during the summer or during the school year.
  • Huffington Post. You may want to read some books on starting a new school to your kids before the time comes to actually start school.
  • Time U.S. Go beyond test scores or ratings when you are looking at a school by looking at the classes offered and talking to your neighbors.
  • Move. Work with your realtor to learn about various neighborhood schools to find a school that fits your child’s needs.
  • Belly Belly. Make sure that you know what you are looking for when looking at potential schools.
  • Wright’s Law. Check out the list of links on this post to help research schools in the area you plan on moving.

Making a Good Impression at You New Job

Making a positive first impression with your new employer is crucial, and people can form an opinion about you in less than 30 seconds. Because of this, you want to make sure you arrive early, dress professionally and look people in the eye when you meet them. For more tips on putting your best foot forward in your new position, read through these 10 blogs.

  • Glass Door. Make sure that you arrive at work on time so your boss knows he can count on you to get your work done.
  • Finances Online. Get to know the people that you will be working with and be willing to work overtime if the boss needs you to.
  • Penny Davenport. Don’t talk a great deal when you first start your job; instead, listen to the stories other people tell.
  • Headhunt. Use whatever tricks you can to remember the names of your coworkers to make a positive first impression.
  • NG Careers. To make a positive first impression, remember your manners above all else.
  • Apploi Observer. Learn how to interpret what your boss wants and needs from you.
  • Women’s Health Mag. Prepare things to talk about so that when you are mingling with others you can add to the conversation.
  • LexisNexis. Always dress appropriately and err on the side of dressing too formally as opposed to too casually.
  • Business Insider. Keep your jewelry to a minimum so that it doesn’t become a distraction during conversations or meetings.
  • Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog. Make eye contact and smile when you meet people to appear open and confident. This can leave them with a positive impression of you.

Organization Tips for the New House

Once you have closed on your new home and the movers are unloading your belongings you will want to have organizational tools in place. Evaluate the storage you have in your new home and set things aside to be donated as you unpack. Keep in mind that you don’t want the new place to be cluttered, so make sure that you have appropriate boxes and baskets to give everything a home. For more organizational tips, check out these 10 blogs.

  • For Rent. Utilize baskets wherever you need to camouflage storage.
  • Goodbye House Hello Home. Use these pointers to organize the pantry in your new home so that you can find what you want when you want it.
  • Making a Home and Family. Make a command center where you can keep important papers, calendars of events and activities and more.
  • Organize Your Stuff Now. Kids’ rooms can be some of the toughest to organize, so take some tips from this blogger about using vertical storage in closets where you can.
  • J@ Monkey. Tons of ideas can be found in this blog post, from setting up organization under the kitchen sink to utilizing the space on the back of doors.
  • Organized by Kelley. Toy clutter can take over the house if you don’t make sure that everything has its own place.
  • First Home Love Life. Nearly every home needs to have a way to organize sheets, towels, extra toiletries and more. Check out the linen closet ideas on this blog post.
  • Horizon Goodwill. By bringing fewer items into your new home you will be able to be better organized.
  • All You. If you didn’t purge unwanted items before you moved, now is the time. Only put away items that you will use.
  • Tips Discover. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so take the time to make it organized.

Activities for Kids on Car Trip to New Home

Whether you’re moving a few hours away or across the country, you’ll probably need some activities to keep the kids busy on the road. Pack some fun games and activities for the kids to do. You may want to start out by making a trip to the dollar store. Metal cookie sheets provide a firm surface for the kids to color on, play with magnets on, play games on and more. In these 10 blogs you can read all about different activities to do in the car.

  • Glue Sticks. Create a travel binder that contains printable sheets for the license plate game, road trip bingo, coloring pages and much more.
  • Eighteen 25. Take some plastic boxes and fill them up with snacks and activities to do in the car.
  • Thrive. Make some travel sized board games that can be played on the road using magnets for playing pieces, as shown in this blog.
  • We Got Kidz. You can create a magnet-friendly chalkboard using chalkboard paint and a cookie sheet to keep the kids busy in the back seat.
  • Make It Blog. Play the game “Would you rather?” by using the printable questions on this blog.
  • Babalisme. Print and cut out these paper dolls and clothes for a quiet activity that your kids can do in the car. You can even use magnetic sheets to put them on a cookie sheet so they don’t fall on the floor.
  • Classroom Jr. Bring along some Mad Libs and a pen so the whole family can get in on the story making while practicing parts of speech.
  • The Activity Mom. Check out the learning ideas for toddlers on this blog. You can work on colors, animal sounds, weather and transportation.
  • Kids’ Activities Blog. Make a traveling white board for the kids using an old CD case, some paper, a dry erase marker and a cloth to clean it.
  • Make and Takes. You’ll find several simple ideas for travelling fun on this blog, like pipe cleaners, sticky notes, clear tape, yarn and more. Put these things in a clear bag and let the kids get creative.

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