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10 Reasons to Force Kids to Pickup Their Toys Daily

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Having young children creates many additional demands on your time, and the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is pick up a room full of toys. It’s important to teach kids to put away their toys at an early age. Let’s face it; they’re young, full of energy and a lot closer to the floor than you are. There’s no reason parents should have to do everything once their toddler is capable of understanding basic commands. Here are 10 good reasons you should force kids to pick up their toys on a daily basis.

  1. Forms a good habit – By making this a daily routine, kids learn to form a good habit at an early age. Once they do it for a while, it’ll become automatic and soon parents won’t even need to remind them.
  2. Promotes responsibility – It’s important to promote a sense of personal responsibility in your children, and picking up their toys is a good place to start. The toys belong to them and kids need to realize that they are the ones who are responsible for taking care of them.
  3. Dangerous – Leaving toys strewn around can be dangerous. People can trip and fall, sometimes causing serious injury. Let your kids know that grandpa or grandma could get hurt if the toys aren’t picked up every day.
  4. Promotes neatness and deters clutter – Parents don’t want their children to grow up to be slobs, so keeping the toys picked up and put away promotes neatness. Kids who keep their room tidy will have a better sense of well being. On the other hand, kids who get used to toys strewn about grow accustomed to the clutter. This can then translate into other areas of their lives as they grow older. Children who pick up their toys daily are less likely to have cluttered desks and lockers when they go off to school.
  5. Teaches orderliness – Show your kids where the various toys belong and why. This teaches them orderliness and organization. A place for everything and everything in its place is a good lesson to learn at an early age.
  6. Consistency – It’s important to make picking up the toys a daily routine and be consistent. Kids will never get into the habit if some days they’re required to do it and other days they’re not.
  7. Sense of ownership – Children who are never required to put away their own toys won’t learn the sense of ownership they need to develop. Kids should know how to take care of their own things and why. If your child refuses to pick up the toys, take them away for a while and explain that people can’t own things they don’t take responsibility for.
  8. Sense of accomplishment – Youngsters who pick up their toys get a great sense of accomplishment that shows they have an important role in the family. It feels good for them to contribute and you should praise your kids for their efforts.
  9. Respect – Children who pick up their toys daily learn to have respect for their parents and their own possessions. They may get stubborn at times to test their parent’s will, so don’t give in. Kids won’t respect parents who continually put away the toys for them.
  10. Self esteem – Be sure to tell your children how proud you are they can take care of their toys every day. This really helps their self esteem and makes them feel so important. This promotes confidence and hopefully they’ll offer to help out with other household chores.

Every child is going to react differently to this new concept of picking up the toys. Some will think it’s fun if you make a game out of it and others are going to balk. Parents have to figure out what incentives work and which ones don’t. The important thing to remember is not to get upset, be consistent and provide consequences. Kids who leave their bike in the driveway will eventually end up getting it run over. They’ll never learn their lesson if you just replace their bike right away. Let them go without until they understand the consequences of their actions. Kids who learn to pick up their toys daily are more likely to grow into neater adults.


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