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Why Nanny Job Sites?

For nanny job seekers and parents looking to hire a nanny, finding the right match is essential. Having access to a variety of potential employers and nanny candidates is essential for finding the right match. Since nanny recruiting and nanny job sites have a large number of candidates and provide parents and nannies with a targeted audience, nannies and employers are able to successfully find their best employment match.

Unlike with more traditional ways of finding a nanny, including using nanny placement agencies and placing newspaper advertisements, when using online nanny job sites, location isn’t an issue. Parents and nannies aren’t limited to their geographical area and can search throughout the United States for their perfect match.

Online job and recruiting sites provide instant access to nanny candidates and employers. In-depth profiles, information and in some cases, even references, can be reviewed with the click of the mouse.

And since online nanny jobsites and recruiting sites depend heavily on technology, their advanced search features allow you to customize, narrow and fine tune your search for viable candidates and start initial communications within the website, so you’re not forced to reveal your personal contact information to candidates and employers you’re not interested in.

Because their web based, online nanny job and nanny recruiting sites are able to provide a wealth of information on how to screen a nanny, legal and tax responsibilities for nanny employers and how to maintain the working relationship. Online nanny job and nanny recruiting sites also provide parents with the tools they need to make educated and informed hiring decisions, including sample questions to ask during an interview and background screening services.

When using an online nanny job or nanny recruiting site, you’re in control of your search. There’s no need for a middle man to facilitate a placement. Parents and nannies can search for their match on their own time frame and from the comfort of their own home or wherever their mobile device has service- and there’s no need to wait for business hours to do so.

The use of online nanny job sites is becoming more popular and widely accepted. A July 2012 report in INAVision, The Official Newsletter of the International Nanny Association reported that of its nanny website visitors, 33% found their last position through an online nanny job site compared to 26% who used a traditional nanny placement agency.

Top Online Job Sites

When it comes to looking for a nanny position or finding a nanny, not all nanny job sites and nanny recruiting sites are created equally. Before you look to other nanny job sites, consider those who are the largest and have the best reputation in the industry. Established online in 2001, has helped over 450,000 nannies and families connect. Taking what they learned from having been nanny placement agency owners since 1994, the eNannySource founders literally brought their traditional business online. Since 2003, has been helping find domestic service providers. Born out of a mother’s desire to find quality in-home childcare conveniently and at an affordable price, expanded into a full domestic service help job site. has served over 30,000 families and 185,000 job seekers. Founded in 2009 by a mother looking for a nanny for her young children, helps families, nannies and babysitters from across the United States and Canada connect and find their perfect match. When one mom turned her care crisis into a business opportunity, was born. Serving families and job seekers since 2006, helps families and care providers from all over the world connect. In 2001, college babysitter turned entrepreneur, founded to ensure parents never struggled to find a sitter again. With more than 2 million caregiver profiles, has expanded to help families find all types of domestic care. A career nanny turned nanny placement agency owner brought her business online in 2004 to help parents and nannies find each other easily via their online database of over 500,000 users.

Reputable online nanny recruiting sites and nanny job sites provide a viable way for nannies and families to connect. Regardless of how parents and nannies connect, their safety and employment decisions are their ultimate responsibility.